Best Airtel Prepaid Plans For Additional Data!

Airtel has been one of the most trusted Telecom brands in India for more than decades now. And this is only possible if a brand keeps innovating and adapting according to the customers’ changing needs.

Initially, we didn’t need a lot of data. In fact, many didn’t even know what it is. But unlimited, high-speed data is definitely the need of the hour. And catering to that Airtel has been offering some amazing Airtel prepaid plans with high-speed internet at great prices.

Most of the time, the data we receive with our unlimited plans seems enough. However, at times, we might need some additional data to get by the day. That’s where Data Top-ups plans come in. And Airtel offers some of the best Data Top-up plans.

Airtel Prepaid Plans 2022 To Get Additional Data

Airtel offers some of the best Data Top-ups in India starting from a 1 GB plan and going upto a 50 GB plan. Check out the top Airtel prepaid plans that you can recharge from to get additional data top-up:

  • 1 GB Plan

Priced at ₹ 19, the plan offers 1 GB of data with a pack validity of 24 Hours.

  • 3GB Plan

This ₹ 58 plan gives you 3 GB of data. The validity of this data pack is the same as the existing validity of your unlimited plan.

  • 5GB Plan

Priced at ₹ 98, the plan offers 5 GB of data on existing validity. With this plan, you can also enjoy Music, Hellotunes, Podcasts and LIVE Concert via a free Wynk Music premium subscription.

  • 6 GB Plan

The ₹ 108 plan offers 6 GB of data with existing validity. Moreover, you also get a complimentary subscription to Amazon Prime Video’s mobile edition for 30 days absolutely free. On top of that, this pack also offers Free access to Hellotunes and Wynk Music.

  • 12 GB Plan

The plan priced at ₹ 118 offers 12 GB of data with a validity similar to that of your existing unlimited pack’s service validity.

  • 15 GB Plan

The ₹ 148 plan gives 15 GB of data with existing service validity. Along with that, it also offers a free subscription to Airtel Xstream premium’s mobile pack. This means you get 28 days of free access to any one of the Select Xstream Channels. Choose from SonyLIV, LionsgatePlay, ErosNow, HoiChoi and ManoramaMAX.

  • 50 GB Plan

With the ₹ 301 plan, you get 50 GB of data with existing service validity. Moreover, you can also enjoy Music, Hellotunes, Podcasts and LIVE Concert with a free subscription to Wynk Music premium.

None of these packs offers any service validity on their own. Except for the first data pack mentioned in the table, priced at ₹ 19, every other Data Top-up plan is applicable only for Active Bundle and Smart Pack Users. And the said plan will be valid for the service validity period of your existing unlimited plan, whether it’s 1 day or 1 year.

And while you can enjoy high-speed Airtel internet till you run out of data. Once your data pack is exhausted, your data tariff will then be charged at 50 paise per MB. So choose your Airtel prepaid recharge from the plans mentioned above and get the additional data you need.

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