How To Open An Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account Through Video KYC

With an Airtel Payments Bank savings account, you can access a wide range of banking services. You can make cash deposits, withdrawals, money transfers to family and friends, mobile/DTH recharges, utility bill payments, online and offline shopping, and more. You can take advantage of special deals that have been hand-picked just for you. It is also incredibly simple to send money to friends and family thanks to Instant Money Transfers and BHIM UPI. Moreover, you don’t have to divulge any private information like your bank account number. You can conduct banking transactions anywhere thanks to the app that puts your bank in your pocket.

All you require is to open a savings account online through Airtel Payments Bank. To get started, you can quickly open a bank account with Airtel Payments Bank using video KYC. Simply enter your information into the Airtel Thanks App and start a video call with a bank representative. The best part about the process is that you are not required to visit the branch to finish your Video KYC.

Features of Airtel Payments Bank digital account

There are many issues with traditional banking that Airtel Payments Bank addresses in one place, including never-ending lines and drawn-out procedures to open a digital account. Opening a digital account with Airtel Payments Bank is quick and paperless.

  • 3% annual interest: Profit from 3% interest on your savings.
  • ZERO Balance Account: No commitment to a Minimum Balance.
  • Free digital debit card: Use your secure, Mastercard-powered digital debit card to make purchases.
  • Contactless Transactions: Simply Scan & Pay at any of the Merchants.
  • Unlimited deposits: You are free to make as many deposits as you like. With the help of the auto-sweep facility and Suryoday Small Finance Bank, you can safely deposit any amount over Rs. 1 lakh.

Things to keep in mind during a video KYC process

The following are some factors to consider before beginning the KYC video call:

  • Make sure you have constant data connectivity while completing the Video KYC process.
  • During the Video KYC process, ensure that no other people are visible in the background.
  • Throughout the process, keep your PAN card close by.

How to open a savings account online via the Video KYC process?

Following the below steps you can open your digital account:

Step 1: Select “Open Savings Account” or If you already have an Airtel money wallet available in the app, upgrade your KYC.

Step 2: To quickly verify your PAN and Aadhaar information, submit your supporting documentation.

Step 3: Give a few additional and crucial details about yourself.

Step 4: After verification, the app will prompt you to arrange a video call with a bank representative.

Step 5: Select a time slot at any point between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm on any given day.

Step 6: Complete the Video KYC process, after which the bank will verify your information.

Step 7: After the verification process, you will receive the account information and the digital debit card.

You must make sure you are present and in a good data connectivity location during the Video KYC. Keep your PAN card close by as well for the process. If the video KYC process could not be completed, you can try again, or if your account is open, the bank will contact you.

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